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Humble Travel History

Family Run Since '61

Humble Travel has been a family run business since 1961, when founder, Bonnie Humble, left a career with Braniff Airlines and hung her shingle as a one-woman operation in downtown Cedar Falls, IA.

The company quickly grew as satisfied clients spread the word about the new business. In 1987, Humble Travel became a founding member of the exclusive luxury travel network, Virtuoso, providing clients with an expanded offering of top hotels and tours from vendors around the world.

Bonnie’s son, Gregg, joined the company in 1979, and his wife, Arlene, soon followed. Today, Gregg and Arlene are at the helm as President and Vice President, with their daughter, Annie Humble-Gougler, now on board as the Director of Operations and Travel Advisor.

Humble Travel has grown to include a growing staff, as well as several independent contractors. Over the years, the client base, like management, has increased and become multi-generational. Satisfied leisure and corporate clients come back again and again, and new generations discover that Humble Travel can be counted on to provide exceptional travel experiences.