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Here's how to book your next travel experience with Humble Travel

Each client interaction and experience is unique and tailored by our Travel Advisors, depending on if you want to be involved in every step of the planning process or if you want to let our experienced Travel Advisors do most of the legwork. In general, this is the process of planning your trip:
1. Contact Humble Travel via phone, email or online.
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2. Your Travel Advisor will contact you (usually the same day), and will discuss the basics of your trip.
3. Your Travel Advisor begins the research process.
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4. Now it is time to review your proposed travel plan.
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You are welcome to stop by and meet up with your Travel Advisor, or proposals can be emailed and followed up by phone or email. You and your Travel Advisor will continue to modify your itinerary until you are both satisfied that it is perfect!
5. Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your departure, your Travel Advisor will have your travel documents ready for you.
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6. You travel! Your Travel Advisor is here for anything that may arise while gone.
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7. You can expect follow-up from your Travel Advisor post-travel. We always look forward to having you share the highlights of your trip with us.
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8. Now you have your own personal Travel Advisor, so start thinking about where you want to go next!

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